About Me and My Approach

Celia Urbach
Counselling in Stoke Newington, Clapton, Hackney - North East London

About Me and My Approach
16th June 2024 
About Me and My Approach
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About Me

I have had a life-long interest in personal and spiritual growth, many years of personal therapy, and participated in numerous trainings, workshops and retreats.

My working Life

The first 10 years of my working life were spent as an advice and rights worker. I worked with a very wide range of clients, in local government, education and the voluntary sector. I later qualified as a lawyer and spent 10 years working in private practice, and in Government. A life crisis led me to give up my legal career and begin training in Integrative Psychosynthesis. I worked as a Hospice Befriender and Bereavement Counsellor, and also in schools supporting children with special needs. Later, I moved on to general counselling, finally opening my own private practice in 2010.

My Approach

I offer a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental space where we can look at what is troubling you. I work in an integrative way, which means I draw on different theoretical approaches, depending on your needs. I pay particular attention to the relationship between us. I sometimes use visualization, imagination, dreams, and 'chair work', to explore deeper unconscious processes, if you are comfortable with this. I offer insights into how childhood experiences may have affected you, but equally, I offer a soul perspective, which views pain and suffering as a meaningful part of our journey towards understanding, wisdom and self-knowledge.

My Philosophy and Values

Times of difficulty are times of growth

Each of us will experience life crises at some point which bring havoc and confusion. I believe that these painful transitions are potentially times of growth. They can bestow wisdom and knowledge if we allow them to.

"Breakdown and dissolution are the beginnings of Transformation". CG Jung

Wounding as gateway to soul

We are all wounded. Much of the time - we try to avoid or defend against it. But it is through acceptance of our woundedness, that we become enriched. Deep down, there is a longing to be connected to soul. Paradoxically - it is through touching our deep pain, that we can find that connection.

"We are healed of suffering only by experiencing it to the full." Marcel Proust

Trusting in the unfolding of things

I believe that life can be the greatest teacher. If we can allow our life to unfold, rather than attempting to control or resist it, and engage with that process with conscious awareness, we are bound to change and grow.

"Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always." Rainer Maria Rilke

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